Roof-type thermal insulation, suggested for terraces and porches.

To insulate thermally and acoustically the spaces in the attic or in a place with rough pavement with no particular need for veneering (see wall finishes, flooring, painting)

Isolierung der schwimmenden Fußboden
By interposing the cork between two floating floors, you obtain an excellent anti-sound and anti-humidity result. Usable thickness: mm. 4 / 6 / 10 / 20

Dämmung von Böden
Gluing cork on an old floor and laying a new floor. This has to be done in order to obtain a thermal and sound insulation without pulling up the floor.

Belüfteten Fußboden
It is well indicated when a floor must be laid directly on the ground. You’ll have a ventilation device with perimetric ventilating grilles. You’ll remove condensate and cold from the floor. Laying the panel turned inside out.

Belüfteten Terrasse
It is recommended for terraces and flat roofing (condominium buildings).

Ausstrahlende Bodenbeläge und Wände
System of radiating transpirating flooring 13° C approximately: this is the temperature of cork. While concrete is being laid, we recommend you heat up wires, in order to favour their dilatation in their housing.

Einfügen als Isoliermaterial
Be careful not to leave empty spaces while adding SUGHERLITE in the gaps. Lay a discrete layer of material on the floor to allow a good degree of isolation.