Photovoltaic system and renovations

La traspirabilità permette

maggiore durabilità
e migliore isolamento termico


The photovoltaic system “is now a must”.

The photovoltaic system is now becoming necessary: in order to limit its high cost, however, you first have to create the right insulation. You have to avoid dispersion and the consequent increase of energy consumption: you must therefore create the right insulation with our products and in this way you’ll reduce the cost of the photovoltaic system.
By insulating the roof where you place the photovoltaic panels, you’ll obtain a notable decrease of energy costs and therefore the power produced by the solar system will be directed to the supplier’s network, thus creating a profit, instead than a cost.


Renovating your roofing

A good roof must grant protection, impermeability and insulation.
When you restore your roof, insulating and ventilating are two very important operations and the price variable mainly depends on the type of insulation and ventilation you are going to use. The better you insulate a roof, the higher your profit will be.
In other words, the higher the insulation, the lower the energy waste during the winter period and, in summer, your house will be fresher and more comfortable..

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