Bracket holding the listel of the ridge ventilation
Material: Galvanized steel
Dimensions: h = cm. 20

Ridge ventilation
Material: Inox + lead
Dimensions: mt. 2 x 0,55

Ventilation net, sparrow shield
Material: Copper
Dimensions: mt. 25 x 0,20

Sparrow shield
Material: Copper 6/10
Dimensions: mt. 1,00 x 0,11

Roof-tile stop
Material: Copper

Roof-tile stop
Material: Copper

Net for over-coats
Material: Fiber Glass 160g/mq.
Dimensions: ml. 50×1,0 = mq. 50

Double expansions plug
Material: PVC
Dimensions: h= cm. 7/9/11/12/15/17/21

Corner stop
Material: PVC & Fiber Glass net
Dimensions: h = cm. 250

Transpirating adhesive sheat
Material: Tyvek
Dimension: ml. 50×1,5 = mq. 75

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