Future House

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The future is here

Here is a sample “real” made of wood, isolated new house with cork panels LIS

Top 10 advantages of “Future House”

  • Durable and resistant
  • All natural (wood + cork)
  • breathable
  • Resistant to earthquake
  • Comfortable
  • Soundproof
  • Economic
  • No trace of moisture
  • High levels of energy saving
  • easily accomplished

Materials and procedures

• Stalls reinforced concrete.

• Wooden pillars regularly arranged around the perimeter, already prepared with the necessary slots and placed in stainless steel cages made integral to the armature of the audience.

• Tavolati wood or wood panels already compressed shaped (door or window shape beams) inserted into grooves made in the pillars (making up the wall).

• The outer coat made of SLIM cork panels of various thicknesses to cover the wooden walls.

• Outer shell with the pillars of SLIM cork boards with a thickness to compensate.

• Inner coat made of cork SLIM panels of various thicknesses to cover the wooden walls.

• Indoor coverage exposed pillars, with SLIM cork panels to offset thickness.

• Cutting of cork panels and drilling of the wooden walls for the insertion of implants.

• Electrical and hydraulic insertion.

• Closing of the tracks and grouting of cork panels (external and internal).

• Application of fiber network with mowing end.

• Application of plaster finish.

• Painting with breathable paints.

External and internal definable with plaster!

This is the panel to use: SLIM – Lis

Our “mechanical” roof

How easy it will be to build and insulate the walls of our wooden house, just as easy will create a cover that will enable us to obtain assurance that we want and the savings in energy that will make us live our house in total serenity. A real “mechanical” roof, given its ability to “debunk” what we have built. Above the cover made with wooden panels, it will install a double layer of SLIM natural cork panels with a simple screwing operation. Between the two layers it will be positioned a breathable sheath. The perforated tiles will be anchored with screws to the first cork panel.