Radiant floors


1) RADIALIS cork panel
2) Perimetric belt in cork
3) Radiating pipe
4) Concrete screed
5) Floor




System of radiating transpirating flooring 13° C approximately: this is the temperature of cork o
Energy saving / No condensate / No need of vapour barrier / Totally recyclable. While concrete is being laid, we recommend you heat up wires, in order to favour their dilatation in their housing.
When you heat by means of punctiform radiators, surfaces will have to be hot in order to heat the whole environment, but you’ll have to face combustion of dust, production of gas and aggressive vapours, not to mention the uncontrolled magnetic fields caused by the water circulating in the system. Bio-architecture advises against heating by radiators, because they produce ascending currents that put dust and viruses in circulation and take away heat from bodies, thus creating detrimental thermal imbalances.

A – If you heat by radiators, the distribution of heat is irregular: colder areas at your feet and warmer areas towards your head.

B – If you heat by a system with floor panels, you’ll have a more uniform distribution of heat, thanks to a light air circulation that gives you a sense of general wellbeing.